Knowledge and Virtue


Below is a guide to the meaning behind each element of the logo:

  1. The dove represents the Holy Spirit who is the source of the spiritual life that animates us.
  2. The white lilies remind us of the purity and cleanliness of our soul.
  3. The forest represents our founder, St. John Bosco.
  4. The anchor stands for hope. We live this virtue trusting in Divine Providence, with courageous daring, like St. John Bosco.
  5. The star is the symbol of the virtue of faith. This helps us to serve the Lord in joyful fidelity and to see holiness achieved in everyday life.
  6. The heart represents the charity we have for the young people we serve.
  7. Roses symbolize the loving kindness which animates our relationships with one another and the young.
  8. The motto Knowledge and virtue symbolises that every Auxilian while attaining knowledge strives to acquire virtue for holistic development of oneself.