The Association Of Past Pupils Of The Salesian Sisters (FMA)

The Association of Past Pupils of the Salesian Sisters (FMA), which is recognized as a member of theSalesian Family, is a lay group, promoted by the Institute of the Salesian Sisters.

On June 24, 1870 when in Italy, Turin Oratory was celebrating Don Bosco’s feast there came a special group of visitors led by Mr. Charles Gastini. They were Don Bosco’s past pupils. On seeing them Don Bosco exclaimed:”One of my greatest joy is to hear people praising my past pupils”. “Yes”, he told them, “As I loved you when you were young pupils, now that you are grown up I love you much more….”

On behalf of the past pupils Mr. Charles Gastini assured Don Bosco that in gratitude for the education received they would form an association of the past pupils to be a LIVING MONUMENT OF DON BOSCO in the world. During the life time of Don Bosco every year, for eighteen years, the Past Pupils returned to Don Bosco. Later under the patronage of his successors, the number increased every year. Today with the spread of Don Bosco Institution throughout the world the association has grown into a World Confederation.

The World Confederation of the Past Pupils of the Salesian Sisters (FMA) was founded on March 19, 1980 at the FMA house in Turin. The Association is structured as follows and the World Confederation, the Provincial Federations and the Local Associations. It is made up of men and women who have been educated in any work of the Salesian Sisters, irrespective of their religious, cultural, social or ethnic background. Membership is also open to those who, though not educated by the Salesian Sisters, have become aware of Salesian values and have assumed them in their own lives, through an appropriate formation process.

It is the wish of Don Bosco that the students who leave Don Bosco Institution should find the office of Past Pupils Association, register their name, participate in the activities and partake of the privileges and responsibilities of a Don Bosco education following its motto:


Purpose Of The Association

  • Participates in the educational mission of the FMA Institute and supports its lay approach in the areas in which it works;
  • Is committed towards the promotion and education of men/women, the protection of life and of the family;
  • Fosters initiatives and activities in favour of the young, especially those living in difficult situations;
  • Proposes to represent a movement of opinion in dialoguing with the socio-cultural context, enhancing social communication processes;
  • Is open towards inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue which it favours;
  • Updates and is responsible for the permanent training of associates, in compliance with the values of the education imparted;
  • Experiences, fosters and promotes solidarity among its associates, in compliance with its origins;
  • Maintains relations with civil and ecclesiastic bodies and with other lay associations, with the groups belonging to the Salesian Family, and especially with the Don Bosco Past Pupils and Salesian Collaborators.

Spirituality Of The Past Pupils Of The FMA

The spirituality of the FMA Past Pupils is based upon the Preventive System of Don Bosco, expressed by the “reason-religion-loving-kindness” trinomial, reproposed in an integral educational project reflecting the most authentic human aspirations: the quest for truth, the need of God, the opening to reciprocity-based relationships.

Furthermore, the spirituality is enhanced by the charisma in the lifestyle and actions of St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello who, in her feminine way, shared with Don Bosco the educational project inspired by Mary: “to take care…..”, living her/his daily life in simplicity and joy, marking the slightest gesture with the experience of God, testifying and promoting the culture of life and solidarity within the community.